Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Official TheSwain.com Ghostmas Contest

It's time to celebrate Blockhead's third Ghostmas, and this year YOU have the chance to get involved!

To participate, all you need to do is draw a picture of YOUR perfect Ghostmas, save it as a jpg, bmp, gif, or png file, and then send it as an email attachment to fanstuff@theswain.com with the word Ghostmas anywhere in the title. Don't forget to include the name you would like to appear beneath your submission in your email! Entries will be accepted until October 25th, and please, no multiple submissions!

Submissions will be judged using the following criteria:
1) Relevance - Does your work look like it represents Ghostmas?
2) Originality - Is your work just a copy of existing Ghostmas ideas from Episodes of Blockhead, or is it a new and creative idea of your own?
3) Would Blockhead Like It? - Imagine that Blockhead will see your work. Do you think he would agree with your vision?
4) Effort - You'll be competing against many other participants, so try to show that your vision of Ghostmas is stronger than theirs.

The winner will be announced when Blockhead's latest Ghostmas toon is released at the end of this month, and Blockhead himself will pick the winner! That's right: Blockhead will review every single entry, and then declare who the King/Queen of Ghostmas is for this year.

The contest is officially on, so get started! I'll announce additional prizes over the course of the month :) Here is a link to the official thread.


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