Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Progress Report

Audio update #3. Here I record a few voices that will appear in the actual episode, and give assurances that the episode's sure getting close to finished. Mmm hmm, I can taste it.

I finished "the hard part" of Blockhead 10, one of two things I dread doing in any cartoon. The one that remains is lipsynching, which shouldn't be too tough this time. I hope.

If you haven't seen King Santa's Fanart contest in the forum, go check it out. Be sure to vote for the entries you like the most so that artist can move on to the final rounds!

* UPDATE 8/12 *
Blockhead is really wearing me out and I don't want the episode to suffer because I'm burnt out, so I've had to slow the pace a bit. What's the rush, right? You guys did just see a new episode :D

Meanwhile, go check out a song I wrote called Espada de Toledo over on Newgrounds. Acoustic guitar by Rodrigo from, choir vocals by me.

Back to Florida, Back to Work!

I just got back, I'm now getting cracking on Blockhead 10 with newfound enthusiasm.

Had a strange, fantastic weekend in San Diego where dreams happen and you somehow get drunk with the staff, artists, and game-makers from Newgrounds. Heaven save me, I'm totally surprised that everyone got along so well. Of all the pretentious, egotistical artists at Comic Con, none were to be found at the Newgrounds booth. Well, maybe some walked by. But we probably hated them.

Got to meet a lot of your favorites, including the Super Flash Bros (Tom and Dim have got the most optimistic personality of the whole lot), Krinkles (Matt was surprisingly not-insane, considering his Madness series), the Toonimated guys (well, maybe not ALL your favorites, HAHA), DrNeroCF of Fancy Pants Adventures fame (the Orlando Bloom lookalike you might have seen on the NG webcam, but not quite as handsome as yours truly), Luis, Rtil, and Tomorrow's Nobodies. Let's not forget Tom Fulp and his cast of cronies, who, I should stress, were some of the coolest guys I've ever met. Really, despite their being good at what they do, I think Tom actually hired them because of how easy it is to get along with them.

I half expected it to be a nerdfest, half expected the nervous tension to ruin the experience for all the newcomers. How did it all turn out so well?

That having been said, let's finish up with Blockhead 10, shall we?

Me, Tom Fulp, and Luis passing out fliers. Gangsta.