Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On We Go

See, if the new Workshop were operational then I could just list my projects-to-be in there, but that's something for the future. And speaking of listing, I have a redesign of the Cartoons page coming up...those giant buttons seemed like an awesome idea at the time, and plus my Blockhead Anicomics need a home.

Anyway, I'll keep it short and catch you guys up with what I'm doing now:

-I animated a segment of Pass My Flash 2, a Newgrounds Collaboration Toon. My part comes at the end, so stay with it til then, eh?

-I am recording voices for Mastermind 3 today, with a few more guest appearances by other people from the Flash and Newgrounds scene who you might recognize...

-I am writing the script for Blockhead, Episode 11. I hope you like the Weevil, because he's once again the centerpiece for Blockhead's actions. It's also less Conscience-heavy, which I think is ok because he's gotten a lot of exposure in the last two episodes and I think he's getting a bit tired of cleaning up the mess.

On the side, Blockhead has a cameo role in ComiX Episode One and has quite a few references made to him in Riddle School 3. Go check those out if you find yourself with a bit of time, won't you?