Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some Voices

I did some voice acting in swiftstylerX's submission to the Newgrounds Madness Day competition. If you've got time, watch it here. For those who don't know, swift is the winner of the Fan Art contest here on the forums, and I haven't forgotten to feature his work (along with including all entries from all competitors) in the Fanstuff section.

Yesterday I sat down with my friend Jenna to practice recording for the Nat character from Racist Vampires! I'll be doing Percy's voice, and site-friend Andy Dennis will be playing JJ. I've also made some breakthroughs with backgrounds for the series, since I've been trying to develop something different than my traditional Blockhead approach. More on that soon.

Ill have an Audio Update up here very soon :) My voice is gone so I couldn't really pull it off today.

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