Thursday, November 1, 2007


I'm just news-crazy, aren't I? You couldn't squeeze an update out of me more than once a month, but nowadays its twice a week. And not only that, I'm updating with content. I am a good Swain.

I wrote more dialogue than I intended for the Ghostmas Contest cartoon, so I have to finish recording those before I can post it (obviously). But I've already decided on the winner, and the prize, which will come in two parts. One will be a Blockhead shirt from the new shirt set that is being printed outside of Cafepress, and the other will be a personalized piece of Blockhead artwork. And no, not some crappy pencil sketch that took a few minutes to whip up and sign. I've got something up my sleeve and I need to spend this weekend collecting the supplies.

"So Swain, what content DO you have?", you might find yourself asking. Well, go watch Mastermind. It's not exactly rated G, but...well, you'll see.

And just to iterate what I posted yesterday: if you've got Blockhead-related photographs of your Halloween/Ghostmas, send them to me at I'd like to put up an album of them if I collect enough!

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