Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Preparing for Thursday Update

It's almost here! I've finished all but a few small details on the Blockhead Ghostmas Special; the cartoon will be done tonight, but I am waiting until Thursday to release it. I need time to make sure all the little glitches are worked out.

Thursday is the day I've been hoping to dedicate to major site updates. Tuesday is nice because I have the weekend to make up time if I am behind, but Thursday is just far enough into the week where everyone could use a little entertainment. Also, Thursday is the last day to submit something for the Official Ghostmas Contest! After that, I'll be putting the entries into a cartoon, they will be judged by Blockhead himself, and then the cartoon will be released on Halloween day.

If you haven't contributed to the Ghostmas Contest yet, you still have time...but not much! The deadline for entries is the 25th. The winner, determined by Blockhead, will have their work featured on the site and will also receive an UNDISCLOSED PRIZE. For contest rules, check this topic.

Blockhead feeds the Weevil at the ball toss booth

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the new episode