Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Update

It's Valentine's Day today, for those who care. And because I love you so much, I have a couple of updates for you! <3

First, go watch Ani-comic #2. These little mini Blockhead doses aren't difficult to make, so if I get a good response then I might make Ani-comic updates more often. Oh, and remind me to make a page for them some time soon. I keep putting it off for other projects.

Then when you're done, have a look at the latest Racist Vampires webcomic. At least, I thought it was funny when I wrote it. Oh well, it's for the season.

I know, I'm just buttering you up for a lack of any better updates. I'm actually delighted though...all that work on the first Racist Vampires animation has trained me to draw the characters rather quickly and accurately. I used to stumble through the previous webcomics with extreme difficulty, but now I barely have to reference my concept work in order to be consistent.


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