Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Progress Report on Racist Vampires

I've never animated before adding all character voices to a Flash, so this has been a learning experience for me. Nevertheless I've already collected all the main ones from my voice actors, and animation has begun in earnest. The cartoon is looking nice, and I hope to have some serious progress by the end of the week. I finally developed a Racist Vampires script that I can say I'm proud of, so I really want to do it some justice!

A concept I've already begun to develop is the Workshop. In the Workshop, you will be able to view my progress on current cartoons and also watch fragments of these cartoon as they are completed. That way larger cartoons like Blockhead can be separated into more frequent updates, hopefully every week! Plus I won't be burned out by large projects with a single release date, so I'll be ready to work on the next big project immediately. In total, the Workshop setup will allow me to produce more for the site.

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splurda said...

looks awesome, how do you make your graphics look so crisp?